Being Sustainable With Scandinavian Interior Design Bto

Being Sustainable With Scandinavian Interior Design Bto

Everything we do leaves an impact on our environment. Whether it is brushing your teeth or riding the bike to the workplace. Each and every aspect of our life has an impact on our environment. Sustainability in simple words can be described as practise that commits to protecting our environment. And therefore as humans it is our responsibility to play the part of helping the mother Earth in all that we do.

The scandinavian interior design bto is nothing but the process in which the interior of a flat or building is decorated as per the wishes of the person residing. It uses a number of resources and this is where sustainability comes into picture. Which products are used? Do they harm the environment? All these questions need to be answered before taking the next steps. The materials that we use play a significant role in reducing or increasing our carbon footprint.

Some steps that can be followed:

scandinavian interior design bto

  • The Three R’s:

Know as Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Reducing the waste by reusing and recycling old products can help in the conserving out environment and being eco – friendly. This helps in saving energy and reducing pollution. Some products you can reuse and recycle are glass bottles, metal, wood etc.

  • Reduce the waste. Buy only what is necessary.
  • Reuse materials/resources/products. Use reusable products such as cloth bags.
  • Recycle instead of throwing.
  • Use renewable resources:

Renewable resources can be used in interior designing as they save energy.

  • Solar systems: Solar panels can be installed. They convert the sun’s rays to electricity.
  • Wind systems: Small wind turbines can be purchased. They generate electricity as well.
  • Biomass: It helps reduce carbon emissions as it can be used in place of fossil fuels such as coal.

Protection of our environment is something that should always be considered first no matter what we do. Interior designing is no exception to this principle. Interior designers play a very important role as they decide the resources that are to be used. What products are used and how efficiently they are used play a very major role in sustainability. With time it is observed that sustainability is slowly but surely becoming a part of our society. Proper awareness, actions and commitments contribute towards preserving our environment. With help of these, even interior designing can achieve sustainability.

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