Modern Interior Design Singapore– A Culmination Of Architecture And Aesthetics

Modern Interior Design

What Is Interior Designing?

Interior design is a subdivision of the vast field of architecture. While architecture depends on the availability of space and resources, modern interior design singapore does not. It instead is focused on improving the functionality of a space, aesthetics, and the psychology of the inhabitants.

Types Of Interior Design:

Interior designing varies drastically across cultures and eras. Unlike the bold and dramatic art deco styles of olden times, interior design has taken a minimalistic approach in modern times. On the other hand, styles like mid-century modern have stood the test of time and are popular even today.

Elements of interior design

Many people divide the elements of interior design into different numbers. Some say that these elements can be lines, textures, and patterns while others claim that they can be warmth, contrast, and rhythm. However, as with any other art form, interior designing is all about balance. This means that the design of a space is not to be overdone, and each element, even of different colors and patterns, should complement the others.

modern interior design singapore

Is interior design only for professionals?

Although a tricky task like interior design is best left to the professionals, it does not mean one can not try their hand at it. With the large variety of artisan interior design products available on the market and an even larger range of designing tips and DIYs on the Internet, it can be a piece of cake for almost everyone. Doing it yourself can also help save the heavy-on-the-pocket fee that you will have to pay to a professional interior designer.

Interior design tips and ideas

Interior design is like any other art form: it depends on the artist’s creativity. With interior design, the sky is truly the limit. A good rule of thumb in interior designing is to pick a theme. Some examples of themes are:

  • Pastel colors (pinks, whites, light blues, lavenders, soft yellows)
  • Luxurious (black, maroon, metallic finishes, marbles)
  • Rustic (green, brown, woods, stones, leafy decorations)

Wrapping up

Suffice to say, interior design is a form of art, and art is only limited by imagination. Whether it is done by professionals or by the inhabitants themselves, the art of interior designing is sure to leave a mark. After all, it is the interior design of infrastructures that has told us so much about civilizations of the past.

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