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The Advantages of Having a Projector Screen

The Advantages of Having a Projector Screen

If you don’t know much about projectors, a simple way to think about them is like comparing them to those big-screen TVs. Even though an 80- or 90-inch TV on the wall in your living room or theater room looks great, you should think about whether you’re really getting the same value. When you look at all the benefits of a portable projector screen, it’s easy to see that a large screen TV is not only not a good deal, but also not a good choice if you want to feel like you have your own private theater in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Simply put, a projector looks better than a huge TV and is worth the money.

Better quality of pictures

First on the list of benefits is the fact that a projector has a very good picture. Even though some flat screens don’t have great picture quality, a good projector is not even in the same category. When you put a projector in front of a high definition screen, the picture quality doesn’t go down because the resolution is so good.


LCD technology is used in the projectors that cost the least. This is what you’ll find with a lot of cheap projectors and some that aren’t too expensive either. LCD technology keeps getting better, and some LCD projectors do a pretty good job compared to their more expensive DLP counterparts.

Portable projector screen


DLP is a step up on the scale. By using very small chips and millions of tiny mirrors, you’ll be able to find a wide range of options in almost every price range. With DLP, you may lose some of the contrast ratio you get with some LCDs, but you’ll get much better motion resolution and less “motion blur” than with LCDs.


LCOS is a third type of technology that can be used in projectors. In simple terms, this type of projector has a layer of liquid crystal on top of a mirror. Both the contrast ratio and the black level of an LCOS screen are very impressive.

Change the size.

With a projector, you can change the size of the screen to fit the room. Most of the time, you can just zoom out or zoom in on your projector to make it fit the space you need.

Take care of your room

Projectors don’t take up very much space on their own. In fact, you can easily mount your projector on your home’s ceiling.


The next good thing is that it makes you feel better. If you can fill up a big screen, it’s actually better for your eyes, as long as the resolution is high. You can do that with a good projector.