Want To Know About Diamond Ring Singapore? Read Here

Want To Know About Diamond Ring Singapore? Read Here

One of the most popular and sought-after jewels is the diamond. Since ancient times, they have been utilized as decorative ornaments. The hardness of the diamond and its high light dispersion, which gives the stone its distinctive “fire,” make it popular as jewelry and helpful for industrial uses. The “four Cs”—color, cut, clarity, and carat—has been adopted as the standard for grading and certifying diamonds since they are such a widely traded item. The value of a diamond used in jewelry is also influenced by other features, such as fluorescence and its presence or absence. Engagement rings frequently contain diamonds. Early on in the 15th century, European aristocracy was known to engage in this technique, despite sapphire and ruby being more prized gems. Read here to know about diamond ring singapore.

Why Are Diamond Rings Used In Engagement?

The Middle Ages and even the Romans are where the tradition of using diamonds in rings and, more recently, engagement rings first emerged. The diamond’s worth to the Romans was solely based on the supernatural properties they believed it to possess. According to Pliny, a diamond repels poison, wards off madness, and allays baseless anxieties. They called it the “Pietra Della Reconciliazione” (stone of reconciliation) because it preserved harmony between husband and wife. The medieval Italians copied these beliefs and added some to them. Because of this, rather than because of its beauty, which Isidore of Seville described as a little stone devoid of beauty, it was advised as the stone to be set in the wedding (or espousal) rings.

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The Baron d’Or champ, a Parisian Oracle of mystic subjects, claimed in more recent times that wearing a diamond on the left hand could ward off bad luck and attract good fortune. Because he had fashionable clients, the word quickly spread, and wearing a diamond on the left hand started to become in vogue. Direct credit for the success of the diamond industry’s engagement ring can be given to De Beers’ marketing initiatives, which began in 1938. [55] Due to significant diamond discoveries, notably in South Africa, such a campaign had been required to sell the vast quantity of diamonds that had become suddenly available.

Where To Go To Buy Diamond Ring In Singapore?

If you are looking for buying a diamond ring in Singapore, then you have several stores offering it. You can reach offline as well as online stores if you want to buy diamond rings in Singapore. They come in a variety of designs.


Hence, if you are a resident of Singapore or if you want to buy diamond rings from Singapore then you are well available with online as well as offline stores. You can reach them according to your affordability and preferences. They provide a wide range of designs.

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