What’s Modded in the MX Player Mod APK

MX Player Mod APK

Sometimes you want to customize your Android experience. Sometimes the default won’t do. Sometimes the stock version of MX Player Pro MOD APK isn’t good enough.


Luckily, there’s a solution: Modded MX Player! The APK is based on the latest stable release (v1.7) with extra features and modifications – making it perfect for anyone looking to take their experience to the next level!


With this mod APK, you can disable logging so that users will no longer be able to track and identify your viewing habits online; enjoy smooth playback in HD, and Ultra HD resolutions (or even 4K UHD); or even have subtitles from one language instead of translating them into other languages on-the-fly.


When using the Xposed Framework, you can also control specific features of the app, such as disabling ads, controlling notification sounds, configuring display settings, and so on.


It is recommended to install this mod APK in offline mode (for example, when using a rooted Android device) or by replacing the original APK with this one. You may also need root access to install these modifications. This modification requires a custom ROM to be installed (e.g., LineageOS). Please note that you need an unlocked bootloader and root privileges for certain modifications (e.g., removing ads).


Files available on this site are NOT intended to be used on any phone other than the phone you have downloaded these files from. We make no warranty of the fitness, safety, or usability of these files whatsoever. Please do NOT download these files unless you fully understand the risks involved. It is your responsibility to make sure that these modifications won’t harm your device in any way. We will not provide technical support for issues arising from the modification of our products.

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