Root for the best confinement meals during this crucial time

Root for the best confinement meals during this crucial time

Did you know that your diet during confinement is just as important as your pregnancy diet? While you might be tempted to start eating your favorite food right away after childbirth, do note that some of them might get in the way of your postnatal recovery. Not to mention almost everything you consume will be transferred to your newborn through breast milk.

Hence, for the well-being of you and your baby, you should be mindful of the food you eat during this crucial period.Your body needs sufficient rest and nutrition to fully recover, which is why having the right confinement meals is essential during this period. Aside from helping with your postnatal recovery, nutritious confinement foods also help in boosting breast milk and make you feel energized. 

What you need to have asconfinement meals

Here is a list of superfoods confinement meals you shouldhave. From this, we know that food gives a major factor for a mother to replenish energy from the inside of her body, but most mothers like us sat, they can break the rules. It also depends on every one of you. The things that are recommended to consume the most are protein, fiber, and also vitamins. So the question is where can we get all these kinds of food?

Firstly for proteins, the suitable group for proteins is fish, chicken, or red meat. But if you fear that chicken and red meat will lead you toconstipation then it is advised to eat more fish for the first week because fish is rich in protein. Proteins are needed to build new cells for your organs and for mothers who are torn during childbirth. So, make sure to have protein. You need to consume more fruits for example apples and oranges but also follow your appetite and your body intake situation. Try having more milk, yogurt, and cheese as they replenish your body’s calcium. Oatmeal is high in fiber and it not only fights constipation but also boosts energy and milk supply.

Meal Food To Avoid During Your Confinement

Firstly, avoid seafood with high mercury content, as they might cause gastric problems and developmental delays. This includes sharks, king mackerels, and certain types of tuna. Second, on the list are caffeinated drinks and alcohol, which may cause insomnia, elevated heartbeat, and low milk supply. Next, raw and cold vegetables such as cabbage, watercress, and cucumbers should be avoided too, as they may slow down the healing process of your stomach and spleen, and cause bloating.

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