Positioning Your Marketing Help Get Great Results

positioning in marketing

Positioning your product or service is vital to its success, whether you choose to do it proactively or reactively. Positioning is how you make your product or service stand out from the perception of your target audience. Probably exclusivity, a wide range of high-quality products, and excellent service.

It is important to position your product or service actively.

You must position your product or service to create that level of differentiation from your competitors; otherwise, the market will position you as just another provider of those products or services, which generally results in increased pricing pressure on your business offer. Powerful positioning will help you stand out from all the other marketing messages regularly bombarded with them.

Companies often define their ideal customer as anyone who wants to buy from them. Through your marketing and positioning message, you want to attract only those customers who are a pleasure to deal with and who make the sales process simple and fast. Many of these customers often cost the vendor much time and revenue due to many questions.

An excellent way to identify your ideal customer is to look at your current list of customers and pick the customers you enjoy doing business with, and then figure out what makes them different from other customers. You should know if you have a different ideal customer for each product range or service solution you offer.

Once you understand who you want to target, the next important step is to conduct in-depth market research. You only use your ideal customers for research because you want to know why they buy from you and what makes you different from other vendors in the market. Your message and the positioning in marketing you create should be geared towards attracting many ideal customers.

Once you complete your market research, you will clearly understand what sets you apart from other vendors in the market. You can now create a strong statement that emphasizes the uniqueness of your offer, but remember that this should be formulated from the customer’s perception, not yours.

Once you’ve created a positioning statement, test it out with a set of ideal customers to see how they react and, if possible, ask for their feedback on the statement. From the reviews, you will make any changes to the app until you are happy with it.


Your entire team must be trained on this; they need to understand the important aspects, know where it comes from, and ultimately use it on every customer they encounter.

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