Planning for hiking? Learn about tea light candle

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Candle lights are known for many uses each fulfils its own purposes and occasions. Likewise, some candles are used for traditional purposes like tea light candles. These tea light candles are round and small are low and they can burn up to 10 hours sometimes. To burn it requires different conditions to burn them safely and properly. Doing this will, make you not worry about accidents so that you can enjoy the beauty of light in any place. These tea light heater can also be used inside the tent to warm your space.

Safely burn the candle 

  • Purchase a candle with appropriate size holders. Large candle holders can also hold a tea light candle, but the best choices for holding a tea light candle are made specifically for small candles. These candles and candle holders are found in many stores. The perfect holders will keep the tea light from moving around while burning. So this will provide a safe burning environment.
  • While burning a candle, keeping its wick trim is important. When the wick is big the flame will be high. It may sometimes be hazardous, to reduce the risk you need to flame the candle with a short wick. This may also help to hold the candle for a long. So, if you find your candle is burning out quickly or the flame is high you can cut it down every couple of hours with a scissor. Remember, thus should never be more than half an inch.

  • After doing all such things to your candle you have to make sure you don’t have any flammable objects around the candle. It is one of the best ways to protect from any fire risks. Flammable objects like a curtain or any other fabric should be kept away from the candles. Also, you must avoid keeping your plastic surface, even though it is in the holder. It is because the heat can also cause a fire. You can keep it a safe place and enjoy the light for a long time.
  • This tea light heater can also be used in a tent while you do hiking. Also, this will help you in warming your tent when you hike in the cold weather. While doing so you have to be safe and follow certain precautions to help you avoid the risk of any fire accident around the place. Before you do your job with the candle in the tent make sure everything is fine around it.

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