Best Ever Naruto Outfits We Can Never Forget

naruto clothing

Naruto gives its characters several costumes to choose from throughout the series, much like other long-running anime shows. Watching characters develop and observe how their wardrobes change as they do is perhaps one of the series’ greatest draws. Examples include Sasuke and Hinata.

It necessitates periodic¬†naruto clothing changes for Naruto Uzumaki, the main character of the series, whether in a sequel or spin-off. Quite a handful of these costumes stand out as some of Naruto’s best looks and steal the show whenever they are worn.

The snow-themed outfit included an item from Clash in the Land of Snow.

A hooded cape to the rear of recognizable classic clothing instantly elevates any anime character’s appearance. Naruto further emphasized this in the movie Naruto: Clash in the Land of Snow by dressing in snow-ready clothes, including his regular naruto clothing with a cloak and gloves. Though it undoubtedly added flair, he was probably not warmed by it.

A hoodie from school was a good in-between.

One simple yet fitting design existed for little Naruto. The zip-up hoodie Naruto wore was a fantastic change-up that gave off the impression of being novel without taking over. The Uzumaki sign was still present, making this suit one of the more authentic-looking ones he has worn while maintaining a sense of continuity with the Naruto world.

In Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, fans adored him dressed as a Dragon Ball hero.

The spin-off video game Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 also features Naruto sporting a fantastic new attire, this time Goku’s iconic Turtle gi. When choosing the titular protagonist to fight with, it was uncommon to see any player choose any other alternate attire save this one, which pleased fans with the crossover.

naruto clothing

The Classic Gets Immortalized by Everyone.

It’s challenging to match the iconic appearances that many of the Naruto series’ characters first sport when it comes to the characters themselves. For Naruto specifically, this is doubly true.

Without any additional words, the character gets wonderfully captured by the iconic orange and blue jumpsuit. Although loud and unsuitable for a realistic ninja, the orange suited Naruto remarkably.

The Shippuden outfit was an excellent improvement.

The costume Naruto wore after the time jump in the spin-off series Naruto: Shippuden was strikingly similar to the original in appearance and how it visually portrayed his persona.

While Naruto may have become much more subdued during his development, as indicated by the black taking the place of the blue, he is still noisy and impulsive, as the vivid, encompassing orange.

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