Gifting Real Estate Clients – Basics

One of the most beautiful gestures in any business is genuine gifting. It is not mandatory but when done it has multiple benefits. Though real estate client gifting is often overlooked it creates beautiful connections that can last long.

It is one of the important learnings that many real estate agent podcast and website sources often remind agents.

Why is gifting considered?

It creates a good impression. It makes you look more thoughtful and considerate in the eyes of the clients.

It helps clients to remember you for a long time.

It creates a good connection and goodwill.

What to keep in mind when you gift?

Know your clients and give something that will be of good help in the new property.

Don’t keep it too personal or give something that’s not useful, just for the sake of gifting.

What kind of gifts can be given?

I came across a top real estate agent podcast called, Keeping it real where In an episode they discuss the entire scenario of gifting clients, what to gift etc

Here are a few ideas that can be helpful when gifting to clients.

  • A personalised address board from the company will be a very thoughtful gift. It will also be a reminder of your brand
  • Something unique from the locality that they want to know like a specific delicacy or a useful product.
  • Wine is a classic gift that most people opt for when considering gifting.
  • A plant or a tree sapling is very eco friendly and satisfying which can be for a long time.
  • A pack of essentials or a survival kit that helps to settle down.
  • Others include options like signboards, personalised cups, lamps or even paintings.

Client gifting is one sure way to build meaningful connections and even generate referrals or leads.

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