About employee recognition platform and its features

With an employee recognition platform, you can reward your employees and make them feel appreciated. It’s a cost-effective way to motivate your workforce by focusing on what matters most: recognizing their hard work.

This blog post is about how to create employee recognition programs so that employees feel valued and encouraged to do better. It will give insights into how to create employee recognition programs and ideas for ways you can reward your employees, including:

Expanding your recognition program to include rewarding employees for their non-traditional contributions.

Reaching out to a wider audience within your company and beyond.

How to adjust your recognition program based on the feedback you receive.

How to Do Employee Recognition (And 7 Things Not to Do)

Features of Employee recognition platform:

  • Employees can earn rewards through the employee recognition platform. Reward types can be cash or gift cards.
  • Employees can view their received reward and enter their feedback on different categories of rewards earned, such as likes, comments, views, and favorites.
  • Reward points are factored into employee scores for internal promotions, retention, and loyalty programs.
  • It is possible to reward employees based on their performance above an established level.
  • It is possible to reward employees based on their performance above an established level with a bonus payout later on if they double up or exceed the established level again
  • Possible to tell them how they rank against other employees that have received awards
  • Vehicle recognition, such as car and gift cards.
  • Custom user interface with customizable options for employees to access their records and review their reward points
  • Competition sessions which offer rewards to employees who have done well competing against other teams
  • Forwarding user-generated content and photos that include awards, to a player’s page where they can share it with fellow employees, or whatever else they choose
  • “Like” button which allows an employee to endorse the company’s Facebook page on the platform with a click

Make postings of employee awards to highlight achievements across other platforms including in offline settings such as at industry events, workplace safety fairs, and conferences.

There are many strategies that you can adopt to increase recognition within your organization. These include:

This is where you should place most of your focus. Your employees are the ones that provide value for your business, so it is important to reward them for this. This includes giving out awards, giving employees bonuses and also making sure that employees feel appreciated with regard to their performance. If you do this effectively, there is no doubt that you will see great results as rewards are given out more frequently and different activities are being rewarded for as well.

The best way to communicate your message is through tangible and relevant rewards.

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