Learn Basic English for Communication and Job Preparation

learn basic english

English is an international language that acts as a bridge between communities and countries. People all around the world use extensively apart from their native language. It is a highly respected language. Many people try to learn and understand English to carry pace with their peers. To Learn Basic English, you need to contact the best academy. For various reasons, people wish to learn English. Communication is the most viable reason.

Professionals seek to learn basic English to communicate well with their peers. For better communication skills, you need to try hard. The coaching institute majorly focuses on improving conversational skills. The way to talk and express themselves in English is difficult for those who do not have English in school.

Features of Learning English in Singapore

People who do not have formal education should know about this language. This English program has the following features.

  • Learn English communication
  • Improve vocabulary with extensive conversation sessions.
  • Meet new people and make friends.

Benefits of English Course

The motive of the course is to excel students in spoken English. Well-trained teachers are present to make you comfortable. The teachers tend to talk as much as possible. With increased interaction, the students will catch pace with peers.

Reading Comprehension and the Classroom - Oxford Learning

When the students are in class, they are encouraged to talk to each other in English. The more they talk, the more fluent they get. The rigorous practice will make all the participants learn the language efficiently. English courses in Singapore aim to make the ex-pats capable of speaking the official language.

The United Language Center(ULC) exhibits the promising features of the English Language. They arrange a one-on-one solution to the problem of skills—the specificspecific guidance help to sort out the spoken English of people. If you wish to improve your basic knowledge of English, you can join them. Some people try hard to learn corporate English. The courses at the ULC have a curated course for the children. The levels of adults and children are different. But, ULC creates a balance between them.

Course Level

 The English course has the following types of a course level. They are:

  • Beginner – Speaking slowly and clearly.
  • Elementary- Can describe familiar objects perfectly.
  • Pte-Intermediate-Using English language to express daily activities


Course Membership


You can plan your classes from anywhere and anytime with the course membership. The ULC is offering classes at a low monthly price. Make use of the courses to shine brighter on the professional front.

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