History of the Civil Mart – How Long Has It Been Standing?

History of the Civil Mart - How Long Has It Been Standing?

CivilMart delivers the optimal water storage solution with a variety of water tank sizes and load options that can survive the harsh Australian climate. They are available in one-piece, tank, or lid configurations, as well as unique concrete solutions that can be connected.

The Civilmart Group combines the knowledge and expertise of over nine Australian precast concrete manufacturers to provide you with a unique and personalized shopping experience. They have locations in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia, and they serve customers throughout Australia. Their precast concrete manufacturing and distribution history extends more than three centuries. 794 years of combined industry experience.100% Australian owned and operated.Products skillfully constructed to endure Australia’s harsh climate.

 With the acquisitions of Toowoomba Tanks, Bortone Precast (phased out), CM Concrete, Cooke Precast Concrete, Civilmart Bendigo (Phased Out), and Rocla, the business has developed exponentially to become the industry leader over the past five years. Civilmart is located in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia, and it manufactures and distributes precast concrete products throughout Australia.

The comprehensive range covers equipment for the civil, rural, electrical, sewer, plumbing, trade waste, poles, piles, and sleeping industries. In many of our direct to public factories across Australia, you’ll also find a Civilmart Warehouse offering civil and trade person goods.

Why choose Civilmarket?

concrete rainwater tanks

100% of Australian ownership and operation

A manufacturing network encompassing the states of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia.

Distribution network in Australia

Our merchandise is available anywhere in Australia.

Your nearest Civilmart expert is a local who is here to promote local enterprise.

Customized items are our forte.

Always working with you to guarantee your project is completed on schedule and under budget

Exceptionally crafted items made to resist the severe Australian climate.

Among our products for your reference:


The concrete rainwater tanks are prefabricated in our facility, delivered with a crane truck, and positioned in the excavated hole. Installed in-ground or below-ground to expand your outdoor play area while conserving water for the future.

Concrete Electrical Pits

For South Australia’s stormwater network, both cast iron and concrete cover slabs are planned. The retractable access lid offers a point of inspection for any stormwater


Circular Entryway Chambers


The concrete infill access covers developed by Civilmart are designed to accommodate sewer installations and meet New South Wales municipal regulations.

Road Blockades

Concrete Highway Barricades

  • Flat-based barriers are available upon request
  • Two barriers must be connected with one connecting plate and two bolts.
  • Two 5 ton foot anchors are set into each barrier’s top for safe lifting.

If interested, please visit civilmart.com.au for additional items and information.

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