Why the testosterone level is so important?

Booster of Testosterone

Testosterone is a male hormone also called as an androgen produced in the testicles which regulates the sexual performance of masculine gender. This production rate and required level plays much importance role in sexual desires. This hormones essence is not only for sexual arouse, also to maintain the bone density of human body structure, red blood cell level in blood, muscle mass. All these things represent the indication of good health. So the testosterone level directly influences the health conditions of male. In medical vocabulary, the above said perfect male are named as alpha male.

The low level of testosterone in blood brings the disease named androgen deficiency in the medical term it is called hypogonadism. This disease mainly compensates the low production level by increasing the fat content in body, reducing the muscle size and enlarging breasts. Nowadays the medical advancement is providing many solutions like testosterone booster capsules. These capsules helps the human functional system to increase the production rate naturally than other existing treatments.

What are the problems associated with the low testosterone production?

 The male experiences low level of sexual drive which obviously leads to dissatisfaction of spouse or partner. One of the highly pointed reason for many break ups. Secondly, this low production rate also reduces the erection level of the male sexual organs. Because the muscle mass level is reduced to keep it uptight. After few weeks, the erection level diminishes and ejaculation is going to be very quick which cannot be controlled by the male anymore. The connection between the mind and body gets lessen day by day.The third important problem is low level of sperm count which reduces the chance of fertility. This is also identified by many side effects from medical tablets. The continual chemical addition in body leads to the reduction of testosterone in blood. This is going to reduce the nation’s sex ratio indirectly.

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This also has side effects other than the sexual problems, like body hair loss, increased fat content, decreased muscle mass, reduced bone density and slight memory loss like amnesia.  This also includes the tender breasts, decreased energy and depression. The human body system tries to conserve the unutilized energy by doing above said loss.

The solution is testosterone therapy to increase the count in blood circulations. The modern developments in biomedical sciences made it treatable by taking the medications through injection, patch, gel and tablet form. The injection is directly used and the patch is patched either on the back side or at the front abdomen similarly the gel. It is not a one-time injection. It is going to be injected once in every two weeks to regulate the production rate. People are advised to select the testosterone capsules very carefully, because the side effect of the capsules are worse and addition of inappropriate ingredients suffers the other functional organs. Out of many existing treatments, the Testosterone Booster capsules are more recommended because these are assisting the testicles to increase the production rate very naturally.

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