Check out the Reasons why Aluminum Pergolas are different

Outdoor living spaces are an amazing way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of nature. One of the simplest ways to transform a pool patio, backyard. Or deck into a year-round sanctuary is by using outdoor elements aluminum pergolas. Whether built to cover or freestanding your adjacent patio.

A pergola reflects your outdoor space, adds visual interest, and protects against the elements to any business or home.

Reasons why aluminum pergolas are way different:


  • Versatility
  • Aluminum pergolas provide users access to everything from full sun. To everything in-between and partial. A distinct interlocking louver design gives 170-degree rotational flexibility. And the built-in gutter system cautious disposes of rainwater. Giving leak-free weather protection at the press of a button. Like an automobile sunroof, pergola gives both unencumbered sightlines.
  • Care and Maintenance
  • Adjustable aluminum pergolas that are properly installed rarely need maintenance. Unlike wood, that it needs regular upkeep like staining/ repainting to prevent weathering. Rot and pest damage, powder-coated. The fully-extruded aluminum structure of the Arcadia withstands corrosion, warping, and rot.
  • Ease-of-installation
  • Aluminum pergolas unlike heavy wooden structures are better suited to locations. Easier to assemble where weight must remain least, such as rooftop, balcony, and deck installations. Aluminum pergolas are easily and quickly adjusted. By using a smart device or a remote control button
  • Customization
  • Like wood, that can be painted, constructed, or stained to suit. Aluminum pergolas provide amenities and sizing, consisting:
  • Custom accents and trim, from corbel, end to architectural columns
  • Privacy curtains
  • Hundreds of custom wraps and colors, also faux wood wrap for a more natural look
  • Unified ceiling fans, integrated lighting, and radiant heating solutions.
  • Motorized screens for added pest and protection and shade.
  • Cost
  • Yet, aluminum pergolas needs a higher up-front investment. They have lesser recurring maintenance costs, unlike wood. Making the long-term cost of the structure of aluminum a much greater investment.
  • Timeless and Beautiful
  • From the first day, ten, or even 15 years out, an aluminum pergola will look similar. Beautiful finish, clean lines, and great functionality. No other material, not vinyl, wood, or even steel can show off the durability of an aluminum pergola. Depending on personal style and preferences, the aluminum can also be customized to fit traditional or modern styles.
  • Safety
  • The complete extruded aluminum structure of the aluminum pergolas is engineered not only to manage rain. Yet to withstand even hurricane-force winds. It is also a great help for heavy-snow loads.

If you’re new to integrated sensors, you must know that it responds automatically to wind or rain. Giving effortless protection of furniture and belongings within the pergola. Aluminum pergolas can be customized at many times you like. To produce the aesthetic you desire, more than 22 classics and designers of finishes and colors. Also, automated screens for pest control and adds privacy.

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